July 20, 2023

Not sure how to fill in your 20 hours of verifiable CPD hours this year?

We know; It can feel overwhelming with endless options or perhaps difficult to find courses that feel relevant to your industry.

That’s where AJAG comes in. After two decades of supporting nearly 20,000 CPAs with PD, we’ve cracked the code on creating courses to suit any CPA’s interests and industry.

We’ll help you determine how to pick the most meaningful CPA PD courses for your practice and area of specialty..,

Professional niches within the CPA profession

Every type of business needs accounting, which means today’s CPAs are challenged to not only stay up-to-date on their own profession, but of the industries they cover as well.

Popular niches include real estate, tech, non-profit, investing, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and so much more. On top of that, CPAs might perform their duties in varying capacities. They might work in-house for a company, within an accounting firm, as a consultant, or even as a freelancer offering a-la-carte services.

The question is: how do you decide which courses to take based on your niche? We have a handful of suggestions that pair AJAG CPD courses with popular specialty areas.

Choosing CPA PD courses based on your niche

Tech company clients

Did someone say SaaS or AI?

These are big buzzwords in the ever-changing tech landscape, but that buzz gives accountants more than their fair share of work. So, how can accountants stay on top of their game doing the books for Canada’s nearly 3,000 startups and other tech brands that make up 12% of the country’s GDP?

AJAG has a few courses that can help.

  • How to Prepare SR&ED Claims and Obtain the CRA’s Approval 2022: If you’re working with an innovative brand, you’re likely checking out government grant opportunities in the SR&ED space. Learn all about expenses, qualifications, and approvals in our latest SR&ED course. Let’s get those grants for your clients!
  • Cybercrime Leveraging Artificial Intelligence: While your tech clients are probably well-versed in the threats of cybercrime, you might not be. This course covers how cybercriminals are using AI tools to mask and sophisticate cybercrimes and how to see the signs in your clients’ financial records.
  • Uncovering Canadian Cryptocurrency Challenges: We haven’t seen the end of tax implications in this volatile field — the CRA is still working on them, which means you need to stay on top of your game with a course like this one.

CPAs with individual clients

Did your head spin with all the latest COVID-19 benefits and influx of office deductions in the past two years? Whether you’re working for remote employees or individual solopreneurs, these courses are fabulous options:

  • Remote employees: Your clients might be working from their home office or Mexico, for all we know — touch up on CRA guidelines in the remote era with this course.

CPAs in mergers and acquisitions

Today’s corporations hire entire agencies to support them through a company sale or merger. If you’re part of the consulting team as an accountant, check out these relevant course options:

CPAs looking past the horizon

CPAs go from working in firms to independent all the time. Maybe you have a long history of excellence in your accounting firm, but you’re ready to pass the buck. Turns out, selling an accounting practice comes with tons of unpredictable tasks and expenses. Plus, finding clients after jumping solo takes a bit longer than you think.

  • Selling Your Accounting Practice: Our course instructor is a CPA who ran a firm for 26 years before selling — he documents his journey in the field and how he sold his practice with this course.

CPAs in real estate

Real estate businesses take up their own chunk of attention in the Canadian taxation system. With new limits on housing laws, a soaring real estate market, and new innovations, this industry is wrought with change and demands CPAs to adapt their knowledge:

  • Taxation of Real Estate Development: Whether your clients are developing condos, townhouses, or commercial plazas, CPAs have unique considerations for taxation throughout the pre-, during, and post-con processes.
  • Principal Residence Exemption: Do you suspect a real estate investor is abusing the principal residence exemption? You’re one of many CPAs noticing this unfortunate trend. Learn more about the signs with this course.

CPAs that want to stay on top of particular subjects

You worked hard getting that CPA designation, but the field is still vast and it’s easy to forget a few act sections or two. Depending on your industry, check out courses with basic refreshers:

How do I get CPD hours for CPA?

Don’t let CPD requirements add undo stress to your life. Choose a trusted PD provider that offers flexibility and choice across various topics. With AJAG, you can pick from over 100 relevant courses for your unique niche and career goals with AJAG. Explore AJAG’s courses today!