Decided to Sell Your Accounting Practice? Now What?

Course Price: $59.99

Number of PD hours: 1.0

Online - Recorded - Available

Joe Truscott CPA, CA owned his own and managed his own CPA firm for 26 years. He sold his firm earlier this year and we are so pleased to be able to offer a course that reflects his journey through the process. There is so much you can learn from his journey - 

Course topics will include:


The Big Decision - 

·         Overview of agenda

·         My journey into and public accounting and my travels up to the sale

·         Why did I decide to sell my practice and the significant Importance of this decision

·         Building Value, where are you now where do you wish to be


Selling Process  - Now What?

·         General overview of process

·         Do not be side tracked by challenges


Marketing your Practice

·         Importance of Broker vs selling yourself

·         Why the right broker is critical to maximizing your practices value

·         How the right broker assisted me in finding the right buyer


What is Your Practice Really Worth?

·         What are you selling. Just the practice or plus the building?

·         Value of equipment, Staff, etc

·         Terms of sale



·         Process using a Broker

·         Conditions & Security

·         Negotiating Strategies


Lawyers - Advantages and Disadvantages

·         Your lawyer and their Lawyer and the challenges

·         General instructions to your lawyer


Reaching the Finish Line

·         Getting to the end

·         Assisting the purchaser in becoming successful


Next Steps...

·         Game plan for moving forward with your life

·         Afterthoughts 


Joseph Truscott CPA, CA