How to Acquire New Clients and Achieve your Business Goals - 2022

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Number of PD hours: 1.0

Online - Recorded - Available

Want to grow your CPA practice but aren't sure how? This course is for you...

I can eliminate the mystery and pain points associated with online marketing.

I will be showing you how my team and I have helped dozens of accounting practices grow by connecting their firms with the qualified client prospects they need! 

You will be introduced to a proven digital marketing solution which drives sales to your business and expands your revenues.

The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting. My team acts and behaves as your marketing arm, strategically finding you more clients to amplify your pipeline. I will explain how we enable and empower firms with everything they need to be successful on the internet and how we execute the process for you.

This means that we provide you with a holistic, full service suite of all of the online marketing tools you've heard about; search engine optimization, search engine marketing, reputation management, social media, blog writing, newsletter campaigns and directory listings which all channel new clients to your practice.

Think you can't afford all of this? I promise you - you can. Spend this hour with me and learn why AJAG wanted you to meet me. 


Mike Lende

Mike Lende is a coach and visionary who has launched multiple start ups, grown small companies to maturity with successful exits and has consulted for and mentored various leadership teams. Mike is known best for launching a small business called Zipcar Canada which was part of a successful IPO and $500,000,000 purchase, by Budget Avis.

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