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Choice, Flexibility & Savings!

AJAG knows that sole practitioners as well as small to medium sized CPA firms have different PD requirements. That is why we have put together a tiered pricing strategy for structured PD hours at multiple price points. Our new pricing structure provides our customers with maximum flexibility – and great savings too! The more hours you buy, the more you save!

Purchase courses in bulk and earn maximum savings. Not sure which courses you want to take to fill your hours at the time of purchase? No problem! Simply select “AJAG Hours” which gives you the flexibility to choose your course later. You can also switch from one course to another, provided you have not already started the course.

We know that PD needs can change throughout the year, especially as we introduce new content. You will be able to swap out courses if you find ones later that better suit your PD needs better. You will also be able to access your courses up to one full year from the date of purchase, or the live-course date; whichever is later.

2024 Course Pricing – Tiered Volume Details

We offer three tiers of pricing. The more hours you buy, the more savings you’ll enjoy.

Number of/PD Hours Price
Fixed PD 1-20 $59.99/Hour
Value PD 21-50 $44.99/Hour
Volume PD 51+ $39.99/Hour

Your discount will be automatically applied in your cart at the time of checkout.

Group administrators can assign or unassign courses to employees as often as is needed. Please note this applies only to courses that have not yet been started by the individual. Courses and hours can be assigned to anyone in your group as often as they need (up until person starts the course). Group admins just need to ensure all hours are purchased at once.

2024 Course Pricing – Individual Course Details

Number of/PD Hours Price
1 Hour Course $59.99
2 Hour Course $119.98
3 Hour Course $179.97

* Savings are based on hours purchased. Prices do not include applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.
** Please note that pricing is based on the order placed at the time of purchase. You cannot merge orders purchased throughout the year to qualify for the highest savings.