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AJAG offers a comprehensive selection of professional development courses both online and in-person in Tax, Accounting, Assurance, Ethics and more, all designed to keep you and your staff informed and up to date. All courses count towards the structured CPD requirements for CPAs across Canada.


In person courses are back!

For the 2023 season, we are excited to announce that we are offering in-person courses for our Ontario customers at a brand-new location, which gives you an opportunity to do some or all your PD with colleagues.

You will notice the text ‘in-person’ underneath all courses that are being offered at our Ontario location. These courses will take place at Venu, located at 2800 Highway 7. We hope to see many of you in-person this year!

Each course is identified with the year it was presented. Even if a course was filmed in a prior year, the content is still current. We regularly review the course content with the instructors and any that are out-of-date are removed.

You have one full year from the date of course purchase to view the course.

With the volume discount structure introduced in 2022, you are able to buy courses based on hours, which means you can mix courses of varying durations within one single package. This makes it even easier to customize a PD program that's right for you and enjoy great savings too! To learn more about our volume purchase discounts, click here .

AJAG Hours

Not sure which courses you want to include in your order at the time of purchase? No problem!

AJAG Hours gives you the flexibility to purchase your hours now and choose your courses later.

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