We are so excited to usher in a new year of Professional Development with so many changes and improvements that it needed its own blog!

If you have been with AJAG for a while, you might notice a facelift to our website. It has all the benefits of a cosmetic facelift (better appearance, more youthful, improved functionality) without the pain of surgery! A true win-win in our opinion. Our revamped site makes it easier to navigate to key areas, we’ve instilled a more intuitive process for finding new courses and purchasing bundles, created an area that highlights our top courses to help guide your course selection, and so much more.

Even more great CPD content for you to access year-round

We know that every CPA works on their own timeline to meet their annual CPD requirements. For many this tends to fall in the back half of the year, but that doesn’t preclude us from bringing fresh, relevant content at the beginning of the year too.

We have already released 8 NEW courses in 2022, all of which are currently available as online, pre-recorded content. We have also published our Fall live course calendar, making it easier than ever to get yourself organized for PD for year.

So far, all the courses we have booked for 2022 are online courses. We are missing in-person and the networking opportunities they provide just as much as you are, and we are exploring some in-person offerings and will update you as soon as we have more details. Rest assured that if you register for an online course but choose to switch to an in-person course should it become available, you will be able to make the change at no additional cost.

Browse our full course calendar HERE to see what up and coming live courses we have planned for the year. All of our courses are currently available for registration.

Improved features just for you

The online, prerecorded courses will now be available just three days after the live course date. Prior to 2022, the online version was only available 7 days after the live date.

You now have up to one full year to view your courses from the date of purchase or the live course date, whichever is later. This is a big extension compared to the previous 6-month timeframe.

It is now simpler than ever to save with AJAG. We have removed the ‘stacking rule’, you can mix and match courses of varying durations with any purchase, and you do not have to commit to the specific courses for your package at the time of purchase. If you are unsure, select “AJAG Hours,” and come back to your dashboard at any time to replace with the course you are interested in.

Buy more save more

We have a brand-new volume discount structure, which allows you to purchase courses based on hours. This new buy-more-save-more format is great for you because:

  • It’s easy to customize, which means maximum flexibility. You can mix courses of varying durations within one single package.
  • Enjoy great savings. The more hours you buy, the more you save.
  • Save now choose courses later. If you aren’t sure which courses you want to buy at the time of purchase, you simply select “Course TBD,” which allows you to checkout with the discount applied but assign some of your courses later.

Check out the pricing details of our bundles below.

Bundle Number of /PD Hours Price

FIXED PD 1-20 hours $59.99/hour

VALUE PD 21-50 hours $44.99/hour

VOLUME PD 51+ hours $39.99/hour

Our backend technology will automatically apply your discount in your cart at the time of checkout.

Looking to purchase individual courses? Below is our 2022 per-course pricing.

1-hour courses price – $59.99

2-hour course price – $119.98

3-hour course price – $179.97

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and still serve many of the same firms and clients since year 1.We look forward to all that is in-store for 2022, and can’t wait to virtually, and hopefully physically see you, this year. To view our full course calendar for 2022, click HERE.