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Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks While Working Remotely from Home

Preserving client confidentiality goes hand-in-hand with our work as accountants. We’re relied upon to keep our clients’ personal information secure and protect this information...

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Want Business Growth? Here’s How to Attract and Retain New Clients

Preparing our firms for the future starts with maintaining a solid pipeline of clients. But when we’re busy serving our current clients and completing our day-to-day business op...

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5 Easy Ways for Motivating Professional Staff Working from Home

Over one year later, and many of us are still working from home due to COVID-19. In the beginning, organizations rushed to transition their teams, processes, and culture to an o...

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The Impact of Workplace Mental Health on Employee Productivity

Between recent tax changes, the impact of COVID-19, the lack of in-person client meetings, and balancing life at home, accounting and tax professionals need more support than ev...

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