Cyber crime is on the rise and small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada are being hit hardest – often because they do not have the in-house expertise to plan for and minimize risks. Below are a few staggering statistics from DavidChernitzky, CEO of Armour Cyber Security and latest guest on our podcast, showcasing just how pervasive and damaging attacks have become.

Info graphic with some cyber crime stats According to the World Economic forum Cybersecurity is the #2 concern for business leaders 99.8% of all businesses in Canada are SMBs (1-500 employees) and they are being hit the hardest by cyber crime Only 1 in 7 incidents of cyber crime are reported

During tax season, cybersecurity may be the last thing on your mind but below are some expert insights to share with your teams to raise awareness and help mitigate risk:

  • Malware can come from known/trusted sources outside of your organization – files from your clients could unknowingly be infected with malware which could compromise your system
  • All team members – including interns, new hires, and contractors – need to understand what to look out for and the communication and operational protocols if they accidentally open risky files or links
  • Offsite device usage can pose a risk to your internal network – ensure security protocols and software are always being used by employees

While every organization should consider a more intensive audit and long-term cybersecurity plan, here are four practical takeaways from an expert that you should consider implementing immediately to help protect your business from cyber attacks:

  • Implement an enterprise level tool to protect your email
  • Make multi-factor authentication a requirement for your software
  • Use a password management solution
  • Be vigilant – if you’re not sure about something or it feels “off” give someone a call directly or visit a trusted website for legitimate contact information

For further insights on cybersecurity, watch or download episode 4 of the AJAG PD Pod where Ivan talks with David Chernitzky, CEO of Armour Cybersecurity. They cover what cyber entails, different types of attacks to look out for, cyber insurance and steps that small business owners can take to protect themselves.

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