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Annual PD requirements

All CPA Ontario members (other than those who have applied for and received an exemption) must complete their annual CPD requirements, which include:

  • Minimum 20 hours of PD per year, 50 % of which must be verifiable.
  • Minimum 120 hours total of PD every three years, 50% of which must be verifiable.
  • Minimum four hours of professional ethics every three years, all of which must be verifiable.

Changes to Regulation 7-2, that took effect January 1, 2022

In 2021, CPA Ontario approved changes to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Regulation 7.2, which result in modifications to CPD requirements for some new and retired members. These changes take place for reporting years beginning January 1, 2022, and impact annual compliance declarations made in 2023.To find out more about these changes and how they impact you, click here.

AJAG has you covered

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