Frequently Asked Questions - AJAG™ Professional Development

Professional Development Packages

What is a Package?

A package is a group of courses purchased together to take advantage of volume discounts. AJAG has 7, 11 or 14 course packages, and can be individualized based on topics that make sense for your needs.

How much of a discount will I get buying a package?

Purchasing a package will save you between 12-30% off the price of an individual course price. If you purchase the 7 or 11 course package you can only select one of each course topic to make up the package. If you select the 14 course package you can book the same course up to 14 times.

What is the Stacking Rule?

The “Stacking Rule” is a requirement that a “Program” does not include more than one instance of a course topic. A course topic is defined by the course and does not consider the location it is offered at.

So for example, if you order one program that you intend to share with another practitioner, you cannot order more than one instance of the Income Tax Update course. If both of you want that course, you will need to purchase the second one at the regular course price. If you purchase two programs, you cannot have more than two instances of the Income Tax Update course regardless of location.

Seat Information

What is a Seat?

A seat represents a space reserved for each course you have registered for. As an individual participant, you will register for one seat. As the Group Administrator of a firm or group you may register for as many seats as required.

Can I re-assign a seat to someone else?

If a participant/registrant is unable to attend a session, a replacement may be sent and use the seat. In addition, a group or firm who reserves a fixed number of seats can designate which people are to attend which courses, ie. the same person does not have to attend each course. The only thing you need to ensure is that there are not more people attending the course than the number of seats that have been booked for the firm.

Can I share my program or course registration with others?

Yes. Registration in our programs or individual courses represents the reservation of a seat and not a reservation of a specific individual. As a result, you may share your registration with others. For example, if a firm has 10 staff members but only wishes to register for 5 seats, all 10 staff members must be listed as potential attendees during the registration process and any 5 may attend each course.

Professional Development (General)

How many professional development hours do I require each year?

CPA’s need a minimum of 20 Structured PD hours every calendar year and 20 self-study hours for a total of 120 PD hours for each triennial period.

Do all courses count towards professional development hours?

All AJAG courses count towards structured professional development hours.

Can anyone in Canada take AJAG professional development courses?

Yes! Our courses are accepted towards structured PD requirements in all provinces in Canada. We have had customers and participants in every province and territory across the country.

Online Professional Development

How long do I have to watch an online course? Do I have to watch the whole course at one time?

You have 6 months to view your online courses from either the date you placed your order or the release date of the course, whichever comes later. You can start and stop the course as you need to and go back to it, but once you have completed the quiz you will not be able to review the session again.

Do I get a copy of the course materials with the online courses?

Yes. Once you are logged into the online course (by clicking on the “Select to Take Course Now“ button) you will see a green resources tab with a PDF of the course materials that you can either print or save for your reference.

If I register for an online course live, but can’t make it, do I lose access to the course?

If you register for the live version of an online course but miss it, you will automatically be moved into the recorded version of the same course, which will be released 1 week after the live date.

How do I ask a question in an on-line live class?

You will notice a section on your screen for Q&A. All you need to do is type your question there, and it will be read aloud to the instructor during the course and answered.

Professional Development course credit

How do I print my certificate of attendance?

Once you are logged into your account on the website, you will find the certificates on your dashboard and can print them from there. Attendance records are listed by calendar year and can include both courses taken with AJAG and courses you may have taken with a different PD provider.

How do I get credit for my hours?

At our live courses, attendance sheets will be circulated at the session. Everyone in attendance must sign these sheets which are collected and reconciled with our registration records. Hours will be entered into our system within one week of the course presentation.

For any online courses, once you have successfully completed the quiz at the end of the course your attendance record will be downloaded into your account on the AJAG website within 24 hrs.

General administration

Do I have to reset my login every year?

No. Once you have created your username and password, you will login with those credentials indefinitely.

How do I access my account if I have forgotten my username or password?

Click on the forgot password or forgot username on the AJAG login page. You can also contact Alison.

Can I turn off the reminder emails?

Yes. If you do not wish to receive course reminder emails, special notice emails, or both, the Group Administrator has the ability to disable these features for all group members. This can be done through the Group Management tab in the Group Administrator’s account.

How can I contact one of the instructors?

Most instructors will provide their contact information at the sessions, but AJAG is unable to provide their contact information to you directly. If you would like to get in touch with one of our instructors, simply send us an email and we will forward it to the instructor on your behalf.

What is a Billing Administrator?

A Billing Administrator (or Group Administrator) is responsible for the administration of all aspects of a registered group, such as adding or deleting group members, monitoring attendance, and all billing-related matters. As the Group Administrator, you will have access to the group order history and the attendance records of all group members. A person who is a member of a group can have courses purchased for them on behalf of the group admin or can order courses for themselves (this feature is new for 2020).

Can I update or make changes to an order I have already placed?

Once an order is placed, changes can be made by the Billing Administrator. This could involve reassigning a course or adding or removing group members.