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Pricing Guide

Note: All amounts exclude applicable HST

Program of 11 Half-Day Live Courses (Fall / Winter 2017 / 2018)

# of Programs      

Cost per Program 
 of 11 live courses









Program of 11 Half-Day Online Courses (Fall/Winter 2017/2018)

# of Programs      

Cost per Program 
of 11 online courses








Program of a Combination of 11 Different Half-Day Live and Online Courses (Fall/Winter 2017/2018) will vary by order. Pricing is $90 for a live course and $150 for an online course. 


Single Course Registration Fee

The registration fee for a single live course (outside of a program) is $150. The registration fee for a single online course (outside of a program) is $199.

A $50 administration fee will be added if a course is attended without registering in advance, and an additional $50 will be added if that course was sold out.

Seat Swap Fee

 Purchase a swap package for $70 at time of registration and receive unlimited swaps for you and your firm for the entire season (potential savings of $385.00 per program)

Any changes to your program after your initial registration will be subject to a Swap Fee of $35 per course. Please click here for more information.

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Program Locations

Toronto - Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. 6 Garamond Court, Toronto, M3C 1Z5

Oakville - Le Dome. 1173 North Service Road East. Oakville, L6H 1A7

Markham - Markham Event Centre. 95 Duffield Drive, Markham, L6G 0A8

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Joseph A. Truscott CPA, CA

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How to Save Even More

For our accounting professional development programs-

SAVE $660
 when you register for a program of 11 courses
SAVE when purchasing 
 more than 10 programs

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