Seat Swaps

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What is a Seat Swap?

A Seat Swap allows you to exchange any course in your program for a different course in one of our other programs or for the same course offered on a different date.

Why would I want to do a Seat Swap?

Seat Swaps allow you the flexibility to customize your program to better suit your schedule as well as your professional development interests and needs.

For example, if you know that you will be unable to attend a course on the scheduled date, you can swap your seat for the same course held at a different location on a date more convenient for you (subject to availability).

Another reason to swap your seat might be that you are more interested in a different course held at another location than you are in one of the courses attached to your registered program.

When Can I Make a Seat Swap?

Seat Swaps can be requested at any time after your initial registration.

How Many Seat Swaps Can I Make?

You can request as many Seat Swaps Once that you require. An administration fee of $35 per swap will be charged. If you anticipate making more than five swaps over the course of the program, you can reduce your costsby purchasing one of our prepaid Swap Packages.

Are There Limitations to Seat Swaps?

Yes. When ordering full programs, the number of swaps into any specific course is limited by the number of programs you purchase. For example, if you register for 5 programs, you are able to fully customize the programs by using seat swaps, however you may not have more than five of any single course, regardless of location.