Price Comparison - AJAG™ Professional Development

Price Comparison

AJAG Professional Development prices are very competitive with other professional development providers. Our courses are relevant and topical, high-quality and cost-effective. Our 11-course CLASSIC PD package brings your cost per hour of training down to only $40. We think it’s the best value in the profession; and our customers agree.

AJAG (Course = 3 hours of PD)
Single Course $175 (3 hours)
7-course Core PD package $970 (21 hours)
11-course Classic PD package $1,320 (33 hours)
14-course Flex PD package $2,170 (42 hours)
CPA Ontario (Course = 3 hours of PD)
Single Course $261 (3 hours)
Passport $975 (21 hours)
Organizational Passport $2,250 (41 hours)