AJAG™ Professional Development

Upcoming Courses

1 Hour Webinar Coming Soon - “Overcoming Resistance To Change” – presented by Elizabeth Williams and Andrew Brown

New 3 hour courses coming up this Fall –

Howard Wasserman
2021 Income Tax Update

David Baker
2021 Professional Engagement Refresher
2021 Review Engagement Refresher
ASPE Accounting Refresher
Successfully Performing Small Audits

Rino Bellavia
2021 GST/HST Update and Refresher

John Grummett
Technical Tax Update for Small and Medium Sized Practitioner
2021 Personal Income Tax Case Study

Marcus Guenther
2021 Accounting Update
2021 Assurance Update
CAS 315 Revised
CAS 240 Fraud (includes 1 hour of content towards your ethics requirements)

Amit Ummat
Frequently Litigated Tax Issues

Manu Kakkar
Shareholder Benefits
Surplus Stripping
Deceased Taxpayers and their Estates
Real Estate Development

We will also have a family law course, a US Tax Course and more!

And as always – if you have any ideas for great topics or instructors you would like us to consider adding please don’t hesitate to reach out to Alison at awinton@ajag.ca

The complete calendar will be released June 1, 2021.