Navigating #METOO in the Workplace

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Number of PD hours: 1.0

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The #METOO movement is one of today's most powerful and emotionally-charged social issues, one that is affecting people in all walks of life - including the workplace. It's a topic that is relevant and important to all employers and employees, man or woman.

Employers need to be proactive and understand the issues surrounding workplace harassment, because:
• Allegations are often aired in social media: information travels fast, fallout is swift, and employers cannot control the narrative
• Allegations alone are enough to do reputational damage
• Formal resolution often comes too late to salvage reputation
• Investigations are often not enough; there is no room for #metoo incidents in the workplace

In this one-hour webinar, Sunira Chaudhri (partner at Levitt LLP) discusses the investigation of #MeToo issues within organizations and how small businesses should prepare themselves to limit liability. She will also discuss broader issues regarding gender in the workplace including gender pay gaps and how Bill 148 and the proposed new bill on pay transparency will reshape how employers interact with female employees at work.


Sunira Chaudhri BSc, LL.B

Sunira is a civil litigator and her practice encompasses litigation and the negotiation of civil disputes in the areas of employment and labour law.

In her practice of employment law, Sunira applies practical and innovative solutions to the challenging workplace issues faced by her clients. She acts on behalf of executive employees, employers and union representatives.

Sunira represents executive employees with respect to their employment-related inquiries including matters of constructive dismissal, human rights violations, wrongful dismissal, and the interpretation of compensation plans, restrictive covenants, and stock arrangements. Through her experience, Sunira has developed exceptional skills in negotiating with employers to obtain the best possible result for each of her clients.

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