Employment Law Update - What you need to know in 2022

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Number of PD hours: 1.0

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Employment Law is constantly changing. In addition to all of the changes generated by a global pandemic, we have seen extensive changes announced by our Provincial government. Find out what you need to know when it comes to

  • termination clauses
  • vaccination mandates
  • return to work, remote work, and hybrid work
  • legislative changes
  • dismissals
  • and more.


Stuart Rudner LL.B

I am not one of those lawyers that is ideologically married to one side. While many individuals have their rights trampled on, I have also seen employees take advantage of those same rights to the detriment of their employer. I realize that there is good and bad in every group, and I believe that being able to advise Employers and Employees makes me a better lawyer than only seeing matters from one perspective.

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