Everything you need to know about household payroll- 2022

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 Everything you need to know about Household Payroll 

 If you are like most CPA’s,  the last thing you want to do is spend your time researching and keeping current on domestic payroll legislation but you have clients that employee nannies, elder caregivers, housekeepers etc.  The goal of this course is to provide you with an up to date summary on everything about household payroll. 

 Topics covered will include:

 - Caregiver types and current work permit programs in place 

 - Employment Standards - Minimum wage, overtime, vacation, sick days, Daily and weekly limits on hours of work, paystubs

 - WorkmanSafety - when is coverage needed, how much does it cost and what is involved to register and pay premiums

 - Terminating employment–Pay in lieu of notice, ROE’s (Record of Employment)

 - Financial Conversation to have with your ‘Elder’ Client

 Childcare through divorce  Full Time to Part Time Status (Nanny) 

 - Health Benefits

 - Outsourcing Payroll

 - Q&A - please email your questions ahead of time to info@livelihoodpay.com


Gila Ossip CPA, CA, MBA

Livelihood Household Payroll™ was founded by Gila Ossip in 2008 as Tax4Nanny after numerous requests by friends and family to draw upon Gila’s experience as a Chartered Accountant. Gila was often asked nanny tax questions. She was also asked to help with remittances and with the preparation of tax forms for their caregivers.

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