Cybersecurity For Employees Working from Home - 2021

Course Price: $59.99

Number of PD hours: 1.0

Online - Recorded - Available

Many organizations have employees working from home which can create cyber-security risks for the employees and the companies they work for. This course is applicable to anyone who is working from home who aside from the most obvious types of cyber crimes, need to become informed on the less obvious ways breaches can occur and how to respond to them in a timely, safe manner. 

Gilad presents the material in an easy to follow format and will cover what you need to know. 

The question is not "IF" a breach will happen it is "WHEN" so put an hour aside and take this very crucial course. 


Gilad Perry

Gilad is a partner at Armour Cybersecurity, a company that protects organizations and their data from cyber threats. 

Gilad is a forward-thinking executive with 20 years of experience in enterprise-wide information technology. He brings a background of consulting, delivery, and sales, which he used to build skilled services organizations and deliver complex, multi-million-dollar projects at companies like KPMG and Amdocs—including managing large-scale Canadian cybersecurity initiatives.

Gilad is always happiest with a paddle, bow, or power tool in hand. And he likes to do the heavy lifting— at CrossFit and for his clients.

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