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Ethics - Common Topics and Discussion Examples - Filmed in 2020

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Provincial CPA regulations require that as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, every CPA must complete four verifiable hours of learning relating to professional ethics in each three-year period.

CPA members and students are liable to fines, suspensions and other disciplinary sanctions through any breach of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct (“Code”).

The objective of this course is to reduce the risk of unwittingly violating the many requirements of the Code.

This course is designed to highlight common topics of interest in the Code, particularly to those CPAs in public practice.

During the presentation, the following Code topics will be highlighted:

• Commonly required interactions by members and students with the provincial CPA body

• Ethical requirements in client engagements, including: - Independence - Integrity and due care - Professional competence and compliance with professional standards - Prohibited remuneration arrangements - Confidentiality

• Advertising and solicitation of clients

• Required interaction with professional colleagues

The course will include a number of short discussion examples to reinforce important features of the Code and allow a chance for an exchange of views with other participants.


David Baker CPA, CA

David Baker earned his CA designation in 1981, earning an award as a top UFE writer in the Waterloo Region. In 1983 he began his own public accounting practice in Elmira, Ontario serving local small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses

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