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Code of Professional Conduct Update - Part 2

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Number of PD hours: 1.0

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The Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) was released in February 2016 and last updated August 2016. The CPC was amended to harmonize the Rules amongst the Provincial Institutes. The CPC now includes both the rules and guidance for each section, which were previously published as council interpretations. Both the Rules and the Guidance needs to be reviewed when trying to understand the CPC. Approximately 50% of the CPC deals with independence.
This two part Webinar will review the key rules, guidance (council interpretations), as well as the changes to the previous Rules of Professional Conduct (ROPC) which were updated in February. The amendments include changes to prohibited services, definitions and partner rotation requirements.
The sessions will use case study examples to illustrate issues that arise and how they could be documented in the file.

Key topics include:

Session 2:
– Review of Rule 204: Threats to Independence
– Case studies: Threats to independence
– Sample documentation of how threats were mitigated.
– Documenting assessment of independence in review and audit files (i.e. CPEM/PEG 405-410 and memos)


Marcus Guenther MBA, CPA, CA

Marcus Guenther works with corporations and accounting firms to improve their workflow, internal control and risk management practices, as well as assisting with technical accounting and auditing issues. He is the co-author of the CICA Professional Engagement Manual (CPEM) as well as other technical publications and articles and teaches accounting, IFRS, and auditing and assurance courses for numerous professional organizations.

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