Audit to Appeal: Navigating the Tax Litigation Process - Filmed in 2019

Course Price: $179.97

Number of PD hours: 3.0

Online - Recorded - Available

Preparing for and handling audits; controlling information flow, written versus verbal questions, waivers, settlement tips

Objection procedure; timing, including extending time; objecting to a “nil” assessment, what to include, dealing with Appeals Officers

Court appeals; general versus informal procedure, pilot project for non-binding rulings, timing, including extending time, who can be representative, procedural steps


Louise Summerhill LL.B

Louise Summerhill has been with the firm since 1990 and a partner since 1994. She is a member of the Tax Group, the Co-Chair of the Tax Litigation Team, and Co-Chair of the Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Group.

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